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Wooly Chaps

Two happy cowboys made from sterling silver. Highly detailed handmade earrings.

Indian Bow & Arrow

Sterling silver characters. Indain warriors or hunters sand cast. For her.

Rattlesnake Shake

Sand cast sterling silver earrings with stars and other symbols.

Cowboy Boots Cutout

Longhorns, stars, cowboy hats, guitars, buckning broncos, and pistols. These have all been cutout from a pair of sterling silver earrings.

Pot Of Stars

A good luck guy fashioned from sterling silver. Light weight earrings for her.

Hanging Crosses

Lots of movement with six dangling crosses. Sterling silver with patinated hanging crosses.

Crosses On Crosses

Sand cast sterling silver earrings. With lots of texture and sheen this pair can accent any outfit.

Two Horse

Sand cast sterling silver earrings. These resemble cave drawings and have the hand print brand of their owner.

Thumb Your Nose

Dancing figurines with a distinct Native American theme. Sand cast and in sterling silver.


The abode of the wandering tribes of North America. Shown here in sterling silver which would probably bre too hot in the summer.


Cave drawings in sterling silver? No, earrings. Sand cast and fun because they are similing.

Dog, Cat, Mouse

Follow the chain. Sterling silver sand cast earring set.

Five Stone

Concho style earrings with various semi-precious stones. Hand etched in sterling silver.


Sylized steer heads shown in sterling silver. These have been sand cast.


Exaggerated stars in sterling silver. Give your next event the Hollywood touch.

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