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Lightning Rainclouds

Thunder clouds booming and lightning flashing. Sterling silver sand cast earrings.

Three Hearts

Sterling silver hearts. Show your appreciation for her with this token of your love.


Peace doves with hanging images. A ghost and a buffalo spirit for harmony and luck can be seen. Fashioned in sterling silver.

Hanging Stars Etc.

Cover all of you bases with these images. Sterling silver crosses featuring symbols that evoke good fortune.


Rain, rain go away. Sterling silver storm clouds, with a downpour.

Fish, Frog, Fly

Food chain sterling silver earrings. Wonderfully detailed and whimsical.

Smiling Fish

Sterling silver fish. With wandering eyes and a smile on their faces, wear these and connect with the creatures of the sea.

Cutout Crosses

Sterling silver sand cast crosses. Outsized cutouts make this piar special and unique.


Feet don't fail me now! Sterling silver frogs that walk? Why not.

Hanging Crosses

Three sterling silver crosses hanging from you ear. Handmade wonderful earrings.

Dale Harris Gold Star

The late great Dale Harris hand carved sterling silver earrings. 14K gold Texas stars mounted in the center. Enjoy.


More sterling silver crosses. These are abstract interpretations. Handmade.

Dale Harris

More Dale Harris earrings. Hand carved sterling silver featuring a gorgeous onyx stone.

Big Hoops

Classic sterling silver hoops. Easy to wear and great looking.

Broken Arrows

The sign tells the tail. Sterling silver sand cast earrings.

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