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Iron Cross

Slightly Germanic, in sterling silver. Nice filigree work adds to their delicate appeal.

Sterling Fringe Clip-On

Lots of movement from sterling silver fringe. This pair is clip-on style.

Multi Stone

Turquoise, onyx, lapus all mounted into sterling silver. Unique and wonderful.

Hoops & Hanging Stones

Sterling silver whimsical earrings.

Open Star

Sterling silver stars. Delicate, light and airy. A great addition to any wardrope.

Hanging Bean

Sterling silver classically shaped earrings.

Hanging Ball

Sterling silver earrings. The shape is known and classical.


Simple, clean earings made from sterling silver.

Multi Stone

Turquoise, lapus, corral all mounted in sterling silver.

Purple Hearts

Yopu don't have to get wounded to buy these. Hand carved sterling silver with turquosie and corral inlays.

Tiny Inlays

Notice the incredible intricacy of these earrings. Corral, turquoise, onyx etc. Sterling silver is the medium for mounting. Clip-on style.

Onyx & Sterling

Handmade sterling silver earrings featuring onyx stones.

Multi Stone

Corral, turquoise and other semi-precious stones mounted in sterling silver.

Sterling Clip-On

Sterling silver clip-on earrings. Multi stones featured and hand carved sterling.

Two Crows

Black crows, faces and 14K gold. Wonderful hanging fashion in earrings.

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