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Dale Harris Earrings

Hand engraved sterling silver earrings.

Slithering Snakes

Sterling silver inlayed earrings. Featuring hand cut individual pieces of onyx, corral and pearl.

Inlayed Earrings

Sterling silver mounted, and with several onyx and turquosie stones.

Dale Harris Earings

Sterling silver two piece hanging earrings. Hand engraved and featuring a purple stone.

18K Gold & Turquoise

Sand cast 18K gold earrings with beautiful turquoise stones.

Lapis & Corral

Large square lapis stones mounted into sterling silver, with several small corral stones.

Snake In Hand

Rootin' tootin' cowboys. Offered here in sterling silver.

Opal & Sterling Silver

Sterling silver hanging earrings featuring opals.

Sterling Silver Stars

Lightning, cross, and stars all in sterling silver.

Lapis & Turquosie

Corral, turquoise and lapis all together in sterling silver.

Shaman & Snake

Hammered sterling silver shaman and snake charm.

18K Gold & Opal

Wonderfully green opals, four of them gracing 18K gold earrings.

Where Eagles Dare!

Sterling silver Native American style earrings.

Lpis & Sterlin Silver

Gorgeous blue lapis two piece sterling silver mounted earrings.

18K Gold Beans

Solid 18K gold kidney bean shaped earrings.

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