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Western Wear and Cowboy boots

Western Wear

The great American icon, the frontiersman, is about more than just his boots. He played a vital role in the formation and expansion of this great nation.

Today’s pioneer is deserving of a boot that honors the tradition, yet reflects the modern American spirit. To that end we offer additional apparel that evokes the look of those early days in a uniquely modern way. Combined, Western wear and cowboy boots can reflect an individual who is confident, cool and charming, in a rugged way. You'll know you are buying a carefully designed and artful look that is all cowboy, from the cowboy hat down to one of our custom leather belts.

Everything we make and sell is fully customizable, meaning that not only will you get the true, authentic Western feel when you wear our Western wear and cowboy boots, but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that your custom western apparel was made just for you. Finding fully customized leather goods like these is not easy, especially not at the level of quality we offer at Falconhead. We are the premiere custom leather boots manufacturer in the United States, operating out of our Texas headquarters.

Custom Leather Belts

Custom Leather Belts

We offer button down shirts that have the look of denim, corduroy and other rustic materials, while possessing the feel of silk on your skin. We also offer a line of “ten-gallon hats,” made with the same care and attention to detail that we give to our custom leather belts and boots.

Our belts are some of the best you will find in the West, custom made in the heart of Texas. At Falconhead you will find a myriad of unique products that speak to this concept of the frontiersman, and everything that the West has to offer.

Do you want to capture the authentic feel of cowboy life? Then having the right Western wear is a vital part of the experience. Not only does this include having the best in Western clothing and boots, hats and other rustic Western attire.

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