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Falconhead Custom Western Boots

Custom Western Boots

The boots we produce are either one of our standard models or a custom tailored model that is designed to fit you perfectly, fitting smoothly along the contours of your foot, and designed with only you in mind. In order to customize your boots, we will send you a package with a customization kit. The kit includes a pair of foam pads that you press your foot into in order to capture the unique contours of your foot.

At this point, the next step is for you to ship back the kit; all postage is paid. We need only a short factory lead time, and then we will ship the boots with custom inserts for your feet back to you. The custom inserts providing full support of the arch of your foot for the highest degree of comfort. This is especially helpful for when you are walking, or when you are working on your feet and require additional support. Custom Western boots are a great way to make sure that you are purchasing not only the most stylish boots, but also boots that will fit you well and protect your feet from pain for the duration.

You will be hard pressed to find other manufacturers coming out with custom Western boots that include as much attention to detail and to your personal comfort as these. Your custom boots should fit perfectly, and you should wear them proudly knowing that you made an excellent investment.

Women's Western Boots

Women's Western Boots

In addition to men's cowboy boots, we produce a full line of women's services and women's designer boots. If you are looking for women's Western boots, our full selection should catch your eye.

Our focus is to provide the greatest number of boot options we can, including Rockstar boots and women's Western boots, to accompany our wide range of men's boots and customized boots. No matter what it is you are looking for in terms of authentic custom made cowboy boots, we know that we can deliver.

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