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Famous Texas Brands / Born 2002

Featuring 40 brands from the renowned ranches of the "Lone Star State."

The wide open spaces. Give me land, lots of land and the stary skies above. Don't fence me in; you get the idea.

Tres Outlaws' home in El Paso Texas makes a tribute.

Las Pesos / Born 1990

Inspiration: Mexico. The struggle between an eagle and a snake can be seen.

Further examples of classic tooling. Details like buck stitching, spanish lacing and braiding were used in the construction.

The Bohlin / Born 1995

Inspiration, Hollywood style: Completely handmade alligator boots, circa 1940 Bohlin silver from and a vinage saddle.

For those of you out there who are not familiar with the original Edward H. Bohlin Company, here is a quick history lesson. The company was in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd., and was the saddle maker to the stars. Most of the early western movie stars were outfitted from Bohlin. Bohlins' saddles were glorious gleaming works of art. We at Falconhead appreciate the lineage and our proud to be able to offer a humble piece of history to you.

La Plata / Born 1990

Inspiration: The one and only Ray Pohja. Who was considered one of the finest toolers, tooled these boots.

This pair is not only a tribute to Ray but tribute to bootmakers everywhere.

Thanks, Ray.

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