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The J.B.'s / Born 1992

Inspiration: Jerry Black is Scott Waynes partner in Tres Outlaws, and these are his initials on this pair.

Jerry also has a fine appreciation for all things western. This is reflected here gloriously. A showcase for tooling.

The Gemstones / Born 1992

Inspiration: One of the most intricate inlay and overlay pattterns with a variety of semi-prescious stones. Shown on the finest back-seam constructed boot we have done to date.

With ten hand cut butterflies overlayed on the pair, what else can Scott Wayne surprise us with.

Lets examine the work here; each petal was hand cut and stitched to perfection. Lovely green vines intertwine there way around the pair. Highly detailed butterflies flutter delicately while carefully searching for a landing perch.

Spanish hand lacing closes the back seam and finishes the tubes. classic buck stitching around the vamps is one of Scott Waynes' signature details.

The Warriors / Born 1991

Inspiration: A true symbol of Native American pride, strength and tradition. We must always remember that we were not here first. These noble warriors fought with pride and tenacity.

Consider this pair another fine example of expert tooling, with each portrait having all of the nuances of a rich painting.

The OK Corral / Born 1992

Inspiration: Wyatt Earps' style; Scott always wanted to do these. Brad Martin executed the tooling.

High noon, you can almost hear the sound of spurs and boots as they crunch and stomp the ground towards possible death. Ike Clanton and his gang are poised and ready to defend their honour.

Wait a minute, is this a movie our a pair of boots!

Luscious Lizards / Born 1992

Inspiration: One summer day a customer came into Falconhead with a challenge. He asked Scott to make him a pair of brightly colored boots with a lizard theme, and that was it.

After giving it some thought Scott decided that beading would be the answer. Using the high desert for color inspiration, beads groups were choosen.

Kelly green nubuck and canary yellow french calf as a palate, Scott went to work. The design was drawn out on paper and then transfered to the flat sections of colored leather. Our master beader followed Scott Waynes' pattern to the letter.

Numerous cutouts were then decided upon, to accent the boots.

The most interesting aspect of the whole episode was the identity of the customer. He turned out to be Leo Ehrenholt, Gene Autry's pilot from the second world war. Who new!

The Chiefs / Born 1988

Inspiration: In remembrance and with great respect for the Native American Leaders, at their best.

As we reflect upon our past, we realize that these leaders personified all that the United States hold dear.

The Gila Monster I / Born 1989

Inspiration: The Sonora Desert's oldest living jeweled treasure.

Notice the flora and fauna that has been tooled here. The smallest detail of cati has been recreated.

The "Autry" For Women / Born 2001

After the concept was agreed upon the two companies went to work. Tres Outlaws started the preassembly process, requiring 80 hours of stitch work. Once done each section could then be formed into shape, hand laced and buck stitched.

Meanwhile Sunset Trails and tony Stanton started to compile the sterling silver components. Cutting the sections needed from 16 gauge sterling silver sheets and hand forming as well as hammering each piece into their approximate size, a master engraver went to work.

With more than 50 years of experience Sunset Trails created a both complimentary and unique design. After said design was carved into the pieces the silversmiths could go to work. The back ground would need to be pierced over 100 times witn a tiny drill. The silversmith could now insert a very fine toothed saw into ewach hole and saw away the background.

At this point 200 hours of work had gone into these boots!

A unique aspect of the construction comes into play at this point. Scott and Tony felt something different was in order. Actually stitching the silver components into the innersole was that extra demension.

The boots and all of the sterling silver pieces were sent Tres Outlaws in El Paso and assembled. Then one final trip back to Sunset Trails in California for the heel and pull accents.

There you have it, an edited version of the making of the "Autry" boots.

The "Autry" For Men / Born 2001

In the summer of 2001, Scott Wayne and Tony Stanton of Sunset Trails Silversmiths decided to collaborate on a pair of boots. Gene Autry had commissioned Sunset Trails in the 1960's to make a belt from one of Mr. Autry's own designs. Using this pattern for inspiration Scott and Tony came up with a classic floral tooling pattern.

Hand wrought sterling silver tips and hell counters were naturally included due to Tony's heritage in silver. Scott felt that a filigree treatment would make the hand tooling unique. Meaning the background of the tubes and vamps after tooling would have to be chiseled away before assembly. Tony, not one to be upstaged suggested sterling silver heel covers. (continued below)

Great Train Robbery / Born 1997

Inspiration: Classic romantic western images, seen here in all of there glory. The outlaw at his romantic best.

Think of the excitement and terror the participants went through. Guns ablazing
horses galluping.

Ahh, if only it went that way.

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