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The Mexican

Stagecoach Robberies / Born 1989

Inspiration: Romantic visions of the "Old West". Wether you an outlaw or the Wells Fargo you can still feel the heart pumping drama of this scene.

Completely hand carved and assembled by hand. Spanish laced and finished with the same tecnique.

Stop & Smell The Roses / Born 1989

Inspiration: Betty Grable always loved roses. Scotts' tribute to beautiful women everywhere.

With a dozen of what Shakespere said by any other name is still the same. Richly colored and with detailed tooling, one must stop and admire these boots.

Featuring Scott wayne signature accents; buck stitching, braiding and spanish lacing all completed by hand.

Hummingbirds In Heaven / Born 2002

Inspiration: All of the glory that is nature. The cycle of life, the hummingbird hovers looking for the sweet nectar of the flowering plant.

Scott can, when necessary draw upon a roster of extremely talented artisans.
A very talented beader was challenged with a highly detailed design. Literally hundreds of beads were used.

Succlent flowers in full blossom tempt our hummingbirds here. You can almost here the delicate fluttering of tiny wings.

The Victorian / Born 1990

Inspiration: While visiting the Prado Museum in Madrid, Scott Wayne came upon the sculpture that inspired this pair.

Then the real work started. A burnished filigree style was decided upon. Antique victorian lace was the pattern that along with the sculture Scott Wayne used.

Notice if you will, the underlay of dark red alligator. The tooling had to be cut away carefully to reveal the alligator below.

The Rodeo / Born 1994

Inspiration: The original truly western contest, with no rules.

Yee Hah! Barrel racing and roping.

Finely carved work known as tooling is the medium used. Very few folks can do this type of tooling. The dedication to craftsmanship and pride is selfevident. That, of course, is true for all the boots at Falconhead.

Scott Waynes' love for everything western comes alive in leather!

Butterflies In Butterfields / Born 2000

Inspiration: A rainbow of color in beads. Please be
quiet while gazing at these boots. The net that can be used to catch these is in your wallet.

At least 80 hours of work goes into a pair like this. Notice the style of the heel and vamp. This was developed by a master bootmaker of yesteryear. It is referred to as "Gallego," after the originator of the style.

This pair of boots were choosen for the 2004 "Jim Arndt Cowboy Boot Calendar" month of March image.(Which is available from Falconhead.)Guess what? Jim is the most prestigious photographer in the industry.

The Semi-Albinos / Born 1997

Inspiration: Eight perfectly matched baby hornback alligators. Now I know what you are thinking, however any gators we use are farm raised. That means all of the meat is used so there is no waste.

Each hide has a direction to the ridges. When multiples are used meticulous matching skills have to be followed.

Flawless stitching from the master bootmakers at Tres Outlaws brings the pair together.

The Gila Monster II / Born 1994

Inspiration: The Sonora Desert revisited; we can't get enough. In his travels Scott Wayne has come accross numerous animals. Some tame some not.

Riding his Harley is a favourite pass time for Scott. The desert around El Paso is rich with inspiration.

Hand beading over full relief gives these guys that crawl around this pair a 3 dimensional aspect. The gilas' natural environment has been hand tooled on the boots as well. Showcasing master bookmaking art.

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