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Cactus Riders #185

Dark and light natural colors, with inlaid bronco riders, cacti, and horseshoes. wingtip and foxing in choc to match lacing, sideseam, and sole.

New El Paso inlay #184

OK here we go... Black patent leather vamps with roo inlays and jet black crystals, vamps also studded in brass. The tubes are black roo with black alligator inlay with one jet black crystals here and there. more studding up the sides. and more crystals on the pulls.

Guadalupe 16 inch #183

As beautiful as they ever were but repatterned for 16" tubes. Took a while but we nailed it as usual.

Shakedown street Shakers #181

Peanut Brittle Lizard Gallegos, With choc uppers. And a "touch of Grey," Inlaid Dancing Dead Bears in remembrance of a lost family member.

Mary long ears lou #180

The Mary Lou Style with Long Mule ears. Custom Sterling Silver Conchos Inlaid.

"TheGilas" pumped up #179

the infamous gilas redone on a #10 heel. sweet!!!!!

Buff's Boots #178

Acid wash horse tops, choc elephant vamps, custom inlays, sterling silver buffalos in the pulls. made for our dear Friend Buffalo.

Queen of Hearts #176

Alternating inlay and overlay of red calf, black calf, also red and black lizard.

How'd they do that? #175

A new concept developed by Chawne and Scott Wayne. Custom Scorpion design put on a stingray vamp. How'd we do it, I'm not telling. Oh and we inlaid a sterling silver scorpion on the heel, cause we love silver.

You have to look closely #174

Black Stingray Vamps. If you look Closely in the tubes you can also see inlaid stingray peeking through. It Wasn't easy but we pulled it off.

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