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Custom Logo #305

Crocodile vamps custom logo tops.

Buttercup #304

Buttercup with stitching.

Jo's Pink stingray flamingo #303

They said it couldn't be done. But they, aren't us. Beautiful pink shaved stingray with turquoise buck stitch. Brought to you by the company that continues to push the limits everyday! Thanks Tres!

Chawne's Birthday Blues #302

Black Suede with 10 rows of blue stitching.

Michael's Skull #301

New twist on an old favorite. Mule ears, Sterling Silver and custom tattoo added to this pair.

Navy Acid Wash Flamingo #300

A new color acid washed hair on.

Mrobid Valentine Texas style #299

Black, pink, and white inlays and overlays.

Forest Geen gator T.B. #298

Seamless forest green brush off gator

Desert Tooling #297

Fun colored tooling with inlays and hand lacing.

Botas #296

Plain and simple roughout.

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