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Initials In Sterling Silver & Of Course Sterling Silver Toes

Another example of delicately etched and hand carved sterling silver toe caps. The accents are never just put on from stock pieces. They are custom made to reflect and compliment the stitch pattern on the boot.

Solid Gold? 24 Karat Gold Sir.

Finely carved filigree in gold adds the finishing touch to these pair of boots. This etched piece is done by hand then delicately cutout with the finest of saws to create the filigree. Only master silversmiths can execute this effect.

What Is Old Is New Again

Vintage Bohlin sterling silver saddle adornments were used on this pair. Then master silversmiths hand carve and saw away the background creating a filigree for the toe, heel and heel covers.
Continuing in more sterling silver the customers initials were added.
Red kangaroo spanish lacing stitches the whole thing together.

Five Star Governor Boot

Well 10 stars actually. Then we thought this "customer" wink, wink would like his name in gold. A plaque of sterling silver was used to mount the gold letters. Oh and the 10 stars are of course sterling silver as well.

Old West Boot , Number 3, The Sassy!

I thought I would list the sterling silver elements and their quantities for you to be overwhelmed by. 216 berries, 6 stars, 2 longhorns, 2 saddles, 2 choo-choo trains and once again these are all in sterling silver.

Vintage Indian Heads

If you are not familiar with the distinguished firm of Sunset Trails in Temecula California, they designed certain sterling silver accents pieces, the indian heads used here being an example.
Let us not forget the tips and heel covers. You can see the gorgeous hand carving sterling silver and how it adds elegance to an already beautiful pair of boots.
The master silversmith matched and complimented the hand tooling wonderfully, don't you think?

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