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The "Autries" For Men & Women

Hand tooled and filigreed leather. Sterling silver heel counters and toe caps, carved and filigreed. Special order only; or if they fit you they can be yours.

30 Sterling Silver Stars

Altough the picture does not show it there are 30 handmade sterling silver stars on this pair. Featuring 5 stars on each pull strap and another 5 on the heels.

Gemstoned Butterflied

Semi-precious stones grace this pair of museum boots. They are part of a touring exhibit and feature numerous handcut pieces of multi colored leather. They, however can be purchaced for your collection of boots.

Fresh Water Pearls On A Mag 7

Check out the latest from Scott Wayne! Hand beading and fresh water pearls, done by our Julia Pfieffer, who does all of our beaded boots.

Oh What A Relief It Is!

Scott Wayne's latest design for the five start governor. Sterling silver name plate with mounted solid gold letters. Tailcut black cherry alligator for the vamps. Totally hand tooled by Brad Martin. Executed by Tres Outlaws and Scott Wayne.

Lonely Hearts Club Boot

Featuring twenty-four individually etched sterling silver hearts; as well as thirty-two sterling silver berries. Patent leather in a mahogany color covered at the vamp and heel with hand carved filigreed leather also in a mahogany color.

Hearts In Boots

Our heart was in the right place and so was the design. Featuring eight hand etched hearts in sterling silver.

Exploding Star Boot

Sterling silver stars, all four of them can be seen here. Just an extra touch that can be added to your design at Falconhead.

When Your Country Calls You Must Answer!

We at Falconhead stand at the ready! When the governor calls we respond with these. The latest addition to a great customer of ours' collection. Once again gold on sterling letters and completely hand tooled.
This time hand tooled American Eagles soar high and proud over the flags of The State Of California and The United States Of America.

Aries In Sterling Silver

Another example of what is possible. At Falconhead we take a lot of time trying to explain that anything is possible, and all challenges are accepted.

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