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Sand Cast Sterling Silver Corn Spirit

Wonderfully detailed sterling silver sand cast key ring. The stone has a gorgeous gold hue.

Sterling Silver Sand Cast & Turquoise Pueblo Maiden

Notice the sqwash blossom necklace and the hand print. Sterling silver sand cast key ring.

Sand Cast Sterling Silver & Corral Lightning Guardian

Featuring a beautiful corral embelishment as well as th esterling silver sand cast. Signed and dated by the artist.

Sand Cast Sterling Silver Corn Spirit

As with everyone of these they are completely handmade. Sand casting means pouring the molten sterling silver into a hand-cut sand stone, after cooling the stone must be broken to extract the casting.

Sterling Silver Sand Cast Water Carrier

Steeped in Native American tradition and lore. These key fobs are sand cast ensuring their complete uniqueness in sterling silver.

Sand Cast Sterling Silver Corn Maiden

True artistry at work. Sand cast so each piece is completely unique and handmade, signed and dated by the artist.

Small Sterling Silver Saddle

Nicely etched sterling silver sadddle. After a closer look the detail of the work becomes evident.

Small Sterling Silver Noose

Authentic noose in sterling silver richly detailed but on the small side.

Sterling Silver Boot

Cowboy boot key ring forged in sterling silver. Featuring a stitich pattern, as well as heel and toe foxing embelishments.

Sterling Silver Saddle

This highly detailed sterling silver saddle adds charm to your keys. Please take a closer look for the full effect.

Sterling Silver Medium Sized Noose

Once again that classic western image fashioned from sterling silver. The hangmans noose.

Sterling Silver Bucking Bronco

A wonderful western image duplicated in sterling silver. Always carry it with you in order to remember our "Old West" heritage.

Sterling Silver Lariat

Your trusty rope at the ready. Forged in solid sterlig silver.

Pewter Saddle

Featuring all of the elements of a saddle represented in pewter. Nice and heavy.

Large Pewter Noose

Highly detailed pewter noose. Just to remind one that there was frontier justice once upon a time.

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