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Sterling Silver Tennis Racket

A simple sterling silver tennis racket shaped key ring. See you on the courts.

Double Sterling Silver

Separate your keys with this double sterling silver key ring.

Brought To You By The Letter M, Sterling Silver

For Michael, or anyone with the letter "M" as a first or last name.

Sterling Silver Car

Fully fashioned little car in sterling silver.

Orbitting Agate & Sterling Silver Rings

Three moving sterling silver rings that rotate beautifully around the agate stone at the center.

Heart Concho Sterling Silver

Rope edged heart in the center concho sterling silver key ring.

Nautical Sterling Silver

Double rings of sterling silver in a nautical theme.

Engine Turned Sterling Silver

Classic engine turned sterling silver key ring. The center rectangle is suitable for engraving.

Sterling Silver Etched Pistol

Make sure you are packing heat when you go to the west. Highly detailed pistol in sterling silver.

Small Sterling Silver Disc

Featuring a nautical theme and fashioned from sterling silver this key ring can be yours.

14K Gold & Sterling Silver Bucking Bronco Disc

Small two-way valet key ring. Featuring a magnetic conection.

Etched Sterling Silver Spur

A fully functioning spur, hand etched sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Rings & Onyx

Orbitting onyx stone, mounted onto steling silver and featuring two moving rings of sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Concho

Concho in sterling silver. Featuring a screw ball mechanism.

Sterling Silver Feather Shield

Native American symbolism carved into sterling silver.

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