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Do The Funky Chicken

Stamped and engraved sterling silver pin.

Thie Town Isn't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

Sterling silver pin, sheriff style.

No Tin Star Here

This marshal sterling silver star was engraved and has the classic shape you have come to expect.

Engraved Badge

Sterling silver marshal pin. Engraved and shield shaped.

Bronze Star

The company badge, company being Falconhead. Falconhead since 1983 has delivered the goods.

U.S. Marshal Badge

Sterling silver Texas star pin.

Not Quite

Your just a deputy, son. Sterling silver badge.

Badges! We Don't Need No Stinking Badges!

Well we have them anyway. A brass sheriff pin to add to your vest.

I Hope This Officer Made It

We will never know, but you could own this good luck badge, it was made from sterling silver.

Lapis Stone

Sterling silver duel stone pin.

Alien Life Form

Sterling silver alien pin.

An Atomic Blast

Sterling silver explosion in pin form.

Haleys Comet

Sterling silver comet that streaks through the sky.


Sterling silver lasso. A highly detailed rendition, don't you think.

Onyx Boot Pin

Sterling silver boot pin with several onyx stones.

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