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Dog In Boat

I have no idea what the hell is going on here; but I do know that this pin is made from sterling silver.

Ram At Rest

Highly symbolic sterling silver pin.


Bird with arrow, hadmade from sterling silver.


Sterling silver winged cayote symbol pin.


Rattlesnake shake, sterling silver pin.


Ooh, Ooh. Scary stuff, sterling silver apparition pin.

Pointing Man

Strange guy that seems to be pointing somewhere? He also has wings. Sterling silver pin.

Lobster Man

Sterling silver deep sea man with trident, odd; I know.

Lots Of Arms

Strange fish-like sterling silver thingy, pin.

Rocket Ride

Look up and watch the skies. Hold on. The last time we saw our hero he was in a boat. Sterling silver pin.


Classic native Native American image. Rendered here in sterling silver.


Featuring his winter coat, this buffalo is handmade from sterling silver.

Symbolic Images In gold

Sacred images in 14K gold mounted on sterling silver.

Cutout Crosses

Sterling silver cross pin. We have the matching earrings available in the earring dapartment.

Skiing Snake

Here we have the entry from the Dominican Republic for the next winter Olympics. Sterling silver pin.

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