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Julia Pfieffer Hand Beaded Necklace

Corral and turquoise necklace with a sterling silver closure.

Simple Brass Cross

This one is less ornate and just as wonderful. Featuring two colors of beads and fashioned from brass.

Corral Rosery Cross

Brass and corral cross. Modeled after a classic rosery.

Brass Cross

Highly stylized cross featuring many different colored beads.

Pewter Cross

Featuring colored beads and agothic style.

Agates, Turquoise & Sterling Silver

Truly unique necklace. Featuring multiple sterling silver conchos with various mounted stones.

Corral & Sterling Silver Medallions

Each and every medallion is sterling silver with multiple turquoise, corral beads throughout.

Sand Cast Gold & Sterling Silver Conchos

Beautifully sand cast conchos with solid gold mounted pieces. Light weight; and benefiting from the texture of the sterling silver shading.

Sand Cast Parrot

Sterling silver chain with a sand cast medallion, texture on texture. The wing features corral and turquoise inserts.

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