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Tibetan Peace By Rockstar Cowgirl

One of a kind hand strung necklace, with coral, purple turquoise, turquoise, bone skulls, and silver peace sign.

RP# 32735

When PIgs Fly By Rockstar Cowgirl

One of a kind hand strung necklace, with Peruvian winged pigs, green turquoise, Hilltribe silver beads, bone peace signs, bone skulls, sterling silver, and Ethiopian Cross.

RP# 32734

Ethiopian Cross by Rockstar Cowgirl

One of a kind hand strung necklace, with bone peace signs, Egyptian turquoise, Mojave turquoise, red coral, bone skulls, amber and sterling silver.

RP# 32733

Freeform necklace by Peyote Bird

Sterling Silver and Turquoise.

Heart Dog Tags by Silverking

Sterling dog tags with hand engraving. Very unique gift for your sweetie!

Skull and Bones by Silverking

Sterling, hand engraved skull on leather necklace.

Spanish Cross Necklace

Sterling silver spanish cross by Doug Magnus with turquoise in center from Cerrillos Mines.

Gothic Handcut Cross Necklace

Gothic Handcut sterling cross with Papoose turquoise.

Star Crossed Lovers

Delicate filigree work used to mount five sterling silver stars as well as center gothic cross.

Delicate Necklace

Mounted into sterling silver and beautifully pieced; featuring different sections of turquoise.

Sterling Silver Sand Cast Pendant

Nude female with hands above her head. Completely handmade from a once only, sand cast.

Brushed Sterling Silver Cross & Chain

The chain on this piece is as special as the cross. Textured brushed sterling silver cross hanging from a long sterling silver chain.

Sterling Silver Filigree Cross

Light, ethereal and beautiful, this wonderful piece of faith can be yours. Just one of the special and unique items we feature at Falconhead.

Julia Pfieffer Hand Beaded Necklace

Labrodortie stones grace this handmade piece.

Julia Pfieffer Hand Beaded Necklace

Beautfully handmade work of wearable art.

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