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Hot Boots
Le mule 8139

New mule construction with inlays and braided piping. New Quadra heel.

Pink Cabaret 5026

Beautiful pink tooling with metallic pink underlay. Hello Spring!

Bronze Cross 5025

Bronze calf with silver cross inlays and crystals. Seen with new "elongated X toe"

RIP Captain America 8138

Show your colors!

Checkers anyone? 8137

Black and white roo.

Nevermind the bullocks 8136

Punks not dead. Black buffalo with hardware. Perfect for kicking through the shin.

Sister Mary Margarets 5024

Crosses and Crystals.

Rainbow 5023

Disco Stu likes Disco Boots! Full Studded in multi colored crystals.

Hippie Stingray Boot 5022

Uniquely tanned Stingray Vamp with Hippie Inlaid tops.

Morbid Valentine 5021

Skulls and Hearts all Kangaroo.

Hippie Mule 8135

Taking you back to those times you can't quite remember but will never forget. Stingray.

Purple Haze

17 inch high heeled beauties contoured to fit your leg. 10 rows of purple stitching, sweeeeet!

Print it #4078

Hair on, big spot leopard, on a high heel last.

Leopard Stingray 5020

Leopard Stingray vamps with black acid washed tops. stove top. very elegant and edgy at the same time.

Red Wings 8134

Black roo with red inlay wings.

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