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Hot Boots
Turquoise Stitch in Nine 5032

Turquoise "new look" shortie boot with lots of colorful stitching.

Hot pink suede 5031

Hot pink suede with black wingtip, foxing and collar.

Naughty or Nice 5030

Distressed chocolate leather with cute inlays and colorful stitching. Which will you be?

Cowboingo #5004

Somewhere in between Flamingos and cowboy boots lies this new style. Chocolate hornback alligator total boot, with, 9" tops and a zipper. Great for summer!

Spring Bling 8145

Metallic Python! Available in 18K or Platinum.

18k or Platinum Python? 5029

This Spring, it's time to bling, with these seventeen
inch, high heeled beauties. Available in either style or color.

Bronzed 5028

Chocolate distressed leather with bronze snake inlay and metallic bronze stiching.

Mary's Birthday Boots

Stunning 5027

What can you say about this boot except "wow, i want one." Garment tanned nile crocodile, inlaid tops, collar, buckstitching, the works.

Strapped 8144

Hair on Leopard. With Black Strap and brass ring.

Oaktown strut 8143

Green leather mules with interesting overlay. New quadra heel.

Casually Chocolate 8142

Chocolate distressed leather. Another new type of mule construction.

Sueded bull shoulder in Black #5002

Very nice texture, comfort and durability.

Zippy 8141

Natural Leather with zipper and lacing.

The Texas Flag 8140

The mule for The Lone Star State!

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