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Welcome to Falconhead
Welcome to Falconhead

When we started making handmade cowboy boots back in 1995, we had a vision of what Western wear should be. We wished to take the traditional, American image of the frontiersman, with his worn but well kept pair of cowboy boots, and create a product that honored this image.

Our boots, handmade to the same standards used as long as one and a half centuries ago, are a product of our vision. Our mission is to create a boot that not only remains completely and fully true to the classic design and its American symbolism, but also showed off how boots can easily be taken to the level of a true art form.

Our company has not been around as long as high quality custom boots have been constructed, but we are always working hard to stay true to the original concepts. We want our boots to be of the same caliber as the boots from frontiersman of the past. We want you to feel connected to our shared history and tradition when you wear customized, handcrafted boots from our unique line. If you are as serious about boots as we are, you are bound to find something truly exceptional here at Falconhead.

Our Cowboy Boots, Handmade Art

Our cowboy boots are made of the highest quality materials, and each one we produce is expertly crafted by hand. In other words, by purchasing our handmade cowboy boots, you are purchasing a true piece of handmade art. If you want to purchase one of the highest quality pair of cowboy boots, handmade, handcrafted boots from Falconhead are not to be beat.

Our boots come in an endless variety of styles because we offer the chance for you to fully customize any boots that you purchase from us. By purchasing custom boots, you are opening yourself up to having a completely unique pair of boots that conforms to the same standards as our country’s frontiersmen of yore.

We have a passion for boots, and we want to share that passion with you.

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Welcome to Falconhead