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Longhorn by Sunset Trails

Sterling, Gold, and saphires, and above the bull's head a place to add custom lettering, brand or logo.

Chief by Matt Hackett

El hefe.

Longhorn by Matt Hackett

Classic longhorn with horseshoe for good luck.

Rodeo Queen

Fillagreed Sterling, with amethyst stones, gold flowers, and mother of pearl rodeo queen.

skull 1

sterling silver antiqued look by al somers

Bohlin 2 color Oval RP# 27477

Sterling silver, gold & jeweler's bronze come together beautifully in this piece by Edward Bohlin.
1 1/2"

Mr. Ed RP# 15189

Sterling Silver with rope edge. 10 K gold horse's head. 1 1/2"

The Chief RP#27393

Hand engraved sterling silver with jeweler's bronze roping and The Chief. 1 1/2"

A Tribute to the Lone Star State RP#27136

An unbelievable combo of sterling silver, green gold, rose gold and yellow gold flowers on the edges! Only made possible by the Bohlin Company.

Red River RP#27135

A classic reproduction of 1946 custom trophy buckle. Sterling silver and 14K gold 1 1/2" buckle.

Bronco Rider with Blue Topaz RP#27127

Engraved sterling silver trophy buckle with Blue Topaz inlaid in the center of the flowers. It is a 1 1/2" classic western belt buckle with the broco rider in the center. Completely handmade by Comstock Heritage!

The Whoopie Girl At Work RP#27123

Completely hand engraved 1 1/2" trophy buckle with the 1940's Whoopie Girl in the center of the buckle. Great for any cowboy or cowgirl! Made by Comstock Heritage.

The Woopie Girl At Rest RP#27124

Sterling silver hand engraved 1 1/2" belt buckle with The Whoopie Girl winking at you! Handmade by Comstock Heritage.

Longhorn RP#27120

This is a delicate handmade sterling silver trophy buckle with a traditional 14K gold longhorn in the center. Made by Comstock Heritage.

Zavala 1804 RP#8054

Classic western bronco rider on a solid sterling silver 1" belt buckle. Handmade by Clint Orms Engravers & Silversmiths.

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