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Gold Bronc By Bohlin

This little buckle is 2 1/2" wide and 1 3/4" tall that fits a 1" wide belt. Beautiful scroll work and a 14 karat gold bronc rider on it.

Another Display of White Mammoth by Comstock Heritage

White mammoth cross with numerous skulls carved in. Blue stone in the middle of the cross

White Mammoth Cross by Comstock Heritage

White Mammoth cross with numerous skulls carved in. 14 Karat Bezels with Iolite

Goth Skull Mammoth Special by Comstock Heritage

Skull and cross bones are made of fossilized mammoth tusk. Little rubies adorn the 14 Karat gold crosses. A ruby is also set in one of the cross bones. In each corner lays a skull in 14 Karat gold.

Whoopy Girl with Poodle

Girl's best friend, her dog!

Longhorn Time by Clint Orms

Engraved scrolling with longhorn. 1 1/2"

Ready to Attack by Jeff Deegan

Coiled Snake. 1 1/2"

Flower Cross by Jeff Deegan

Flower cross buckle. 1 1/2"

Senior Hangman Skull by Matt Hackett

Skull inside of a Hangman's Noose. 1 1/2"

Maltese with Skull by Matt Hackett

A skull in each corner facing a Maltese. 1 1/2"

Gang-O-Skulls by Matt Hackett

Five amigos lookin' for trouble. 1 1/2"

Guns-N-Skull By Matt Hackett

Bang em up and shoot em out. Rebel skull. 1 1/2"

Narvarro Cross by Matt Hackett

Raised cross in sterling sliver. 1 1/2"

Tres Skulls with Flamin' Heads by Matt Hackett

Three skulls with 14 karat Gold flames shooting out. 1 1/2"


Steling fillagreed with gold Overleaf.

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