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Despicable Dan

The Lori Jean tooling pattern with custom changes.

Barbwire tooling

specially tooled for a friend and customer. If You're in Scottsdale maybe you can catch Shiela Wearing them.

sesenta mariposas

these were specially designed for a customer. Black roo with metallic foil inlays. Sixty butterflies in thes babies.

What happens in these boots, stays in these boots

Viva Las Vegas baby, black roo and blue calf lots of inlay and stitching.

1, 2, 3, 4 I love marine corps!!!

Made especially for a colonel, veteran, and hell of model american.

Mannys bad motha fuckas!!!

The minds of Manny and Scott Wayne came together to create these babies. Black calf with foil inlays.

Go Eagles!

Falconhead is home to the Philadelphia Eagles biggest fan. As part of Mary Margaret's private collection you can catch a glimpse of her on Game Day!




Go Get'm Boys

We must support our troops no matter what! A great customer of ours commissioned these.

Bought My Baby A Brand New Cadillac

The Mary Kay boot. Only for the top sellers in the nation! Just kidding.

A Tribute To A Great Company

Each piece of these boots was cutout by hand. No dies were used. Notice the wings, the detail is to be commended. Featuring the "Rebel" or "Old Glory". Totally handmade in our El Paso facitity.

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