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Reese's #153

Peanut and Choc leathers.

despicable dan #154

The lori Jean tooling pattern with custom changes and color combos. Wanna see more? Go to Logo Boots.

Look Sharp #153

Black and Pink gator belly on a high heeled flamingo.

Lovely one #152

Wow a pink boot with inalyed with butterflies, flowers and vines. Hey is that pink gator belly i see? well i'll be it is.

the pink Buster #151

The classic bronco buster seen here in pink, black and blue. Nice choice

jenny's gators #150

a rich gator belly vamp, el paso inlayed tubes, oh yeah and a magnus cross inlayed on the heel counter, b-e-a-utiful. also all 4 pulls customized for her pleasure

Lots O' Lizard #149

Take a clasiic stitch pattern and inlay instead, a cognacy roo with choc lizard.

Barbwire signature tooling #148

Designed for a good friend and customer, Shelia, Total tooled see logo boots for more photos.

Stingray Jeans? #147

Denim Stingray vamp, with turquoise uppers.

Happy Valentine's Day #146

What represents valentine's day better than chocolate and hearts?

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