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Good Looking You

The Blossom Busters

Sweet Melissa came up with this crazy collection that debuted on the runway at this years Western Design Conference Fashion Show. Made of Kangaroo, is sportin' the crystals, and features this new technique where the flowers are appliqued onto the tube and are virtually popping out at you.
1. The Rocky Mountain March - Arizona state flower the Saguaro Cactus Plant
2. The Big Sky Stride - Wyoming state flower the Indian Paintbrush
3. The Southern Swing - Texas state flower the Blue Bonnet
4. The Heartland Hike - Kansas state flower the Sunflower
5. The Northwoods Trail - Wisconsin state flower the Violet
6. The Sandy Stroll - Washington state flower Coast Rhododendron

Captain Charge (and his cousins) Collection

Scott has gone mantis crazy. As we can see from this new line.
1. Captin Charge and his cousinsblack roo with mantises embroidered on tubes, vamps, and counters. price: $950

2. Captin Charge kicking it up a notch. Black roo with embroidered tops and inlaid green snake on vamps and counters. price: $1050

3. The Mask of Captin Chargekicking it up a couple of nothces. black roo with flame stitching, inlaid skull on tubes, captain charge inalid on counter in green snake, whipstitch piping yellow over red, sterling silver skulls around vamp, on toe and pulls. price: $2250

4. Captin Charge and his creator Kicked up a lot of nothces. El muerto. Black roo with hippo skull inaly on tube, and lightning bolt inlays. Inalaid "cousins" on vamp with skull heads, captain charge on counter with sterling silver skull with green eyes on counter, sterling skull swith green eyes all over this one. Price: $4250

Mag 7's get Tooled Again!

Totally tooled boots.

Hair On Prints Gone Wild!

New residents at our stable of handmade cowboy boots.

The Opposites Attract Collection

The Opposites Attract Collection

The Opposites Attract Collection

Featuring hair-on calf prints, this new collection will be tearing up the runway this fall! Be the first to order! Totally handmade in our El Paso facility.

The Stitch In Time Collection

The stitch pattern is called the "Phoenix," notice how it appears that wings are spreading back from the front of the mule.

The Stitch In Time Collection

The latest from the design team at Tres Outlaws. A new mule selection featuring stitching and lots of it! When deciding upon colors and contrasts it was felt that multi colored thread would due the job nicely. We at Falconhead agree, and I hope you do as well.

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