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Mr. & Mrs Happy

Branson, MO again. Winner Best shop Effort. One tooled and painted. The other hand painted. Congrats again to all our bootmakers who made this possibly. Also a special thanks to Scott and Melanie.

Rinjin & Kiyo

Possibly the coolest boots ever. Dragon Boots total tooled, with both silver, turquoise and gold inlays, Alternating lacing and sole stiching.

American Bootmakers Competition

Contest held 2006 in Branson, MO.
Congrats Boys!
Boots to Wear to Work: Elephant vamps with acid wah horse hair tops
Boots to Wear to the office: Distressed garment tanned gator vamps with motorcycle inlaid tops
Boots to wear on Stage: Black and red roo with inlaid siver crosses, carved soles, and inlaid crosses inside the boots
Best shop effort tooled skeletons with grande sterling skulls and little ones too!

Tres Outlaws & Jerry Black Bring To You "The Mexican"

This pair is a walking history of Mexico. Starting with the Aztecs, then early Spanish rule, the war of independance 1810-1821, the rule of Augustin Itubide 1822-1823, the republic of Mexico 1824-1905, Maximillian 1864-1867, the Mexican revolution 1910-1917 and finally the United States Of Mexico 1905 to present day.

The design layout took 100 hours. The hand carving of this design in leather ate up another 300 hours. The color and dye work was another 200 hours.

Jerry, being a rare coin collector wanted to incorporate this aspect into his design. There are 22 gold and silver coins which were set onto sterling silver and mounted into the leather used. To be able to manipulate this creation into boots took another 100 hours for master bootmakers.

Tops and back seams were hand laced. Then over 400 lemon wood pegs were used to secure the soles, and as you can see hand scrolled.

This is Jerry Black's tribute to the country that has given us so much, Mexico.

The 40 Roses Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

After years of respect for the Mexican Patron Saint "Our Lady Of Guadalupe." Scott knew this was the year(2003) for her to "appear" again. With the 11th annual Western Design Conference in Cody Wyoming fast approaching Scott had to work night and day to pull his concepts together.

Tres Outlaws, located in El Paso can draw upon the rich heritage of its Mexican American staff. So the image was a revered one.

After approving the pattern and having it tooled into natural saddle leather, Scott needed to think through the colors that would be used. Should he use the traditional and classic palate or alter the color combination to his vision.

Ever the traditionalist, Scott choose the former. Vivid reds, golds and various greens. Who could do this type of work? Could the true importance of the vision be really captured on leather?

A resounding yes is in order! Enjoy the pictures.

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