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Two For Two & Sterling Too

Turquoise, sterling silver.

Priced indivdually.

Lapus & Gold/Sterling Silver Ring

The kitchen sink ring, a little of everything, sterling silver, 14k gold and lapus.

Garnet & Turquoise Ring

Sterling silver ring with semi-precious stones.

Various Semi Precious Stones & Sterling Silver

Differently sized semi-precious stoned sterling silver rings.

Priced from; $125-$155.

Jade & 14K Gold Ring

Beautiful combination of solid gold and jade.

Strerling Silver & Turquoise

Featuring red corral, mother of pearl and onyx, this ring make a ststement.

Sterling Silver & Semi-Precious Stones

Delicate, fine and squared off, two examples of sterling silver rings available from Falconhead.

Micro Turquoise Etc.

Handmade and mounted into sterling silver, this ring is a wonder of the jewelers art.

Four Distinct Sterling Silver Rings

Each pictured ring is shaped differently. All are of sterling silver.

Purple Surgalite & Sterling Silver Ring

Oval within an oval. Deep purple suraglite mounted into sterling silver.

Oval Sterling Silver Ring

Shaped as a shield and featuring turquoise as well as other semi-precious stones.

Semi Precious Stones

Set into sterling silver and mounted as triangles, these rings are priced separately. Large one at $140.00 and the small one at $125.00.

Sterling & Onyx

Multi colored stones set into sterling silver.

Silica & Sterling Silver Ring

Polished sterling silver ring.

Sterling & Florite Ring

Sand cast sterling silver ring.

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