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Flaming Eyes Concho Belt

Sterling silver concho belt with skulls and flaming eyes.
Size 44

Classic Sterling Handmade Concho Belt

Featuring 7 conchos and 8 butterflies. Special order and individually handmade in Los Angeles by a local artist. Everyone is looking for these hard to find belts. Get the the real thing from Falconhead.

Call for price.

Triple The Fun Concho Belt

42 inch long sterling silver concho belt; with the occaisional agate stone.

Large Concho Belt

Sterling silver stamped concho belt, with a small trurquoise stone.

Concho Belt

This sterling silver concho belt features agates and lapis stones.

Concho Belt

Sterling silver classic concho belt. Featuring conchos that were stamped, also graced with the occasional turquoise stone.

Sand Cast Sterling Silver Eagles

Flat pieces of sterling silver patterned after soaring eagles.

James Reed Sterling Silver Concho Belt

As with all of James' work the whimsical nature is obvious, as is the quality.

Indianhead Sterling Silver Coin Concho Belts

Small in scale yet large in style. Various colored leather concho belts featuring sterling silver indianhead coins.

Black & Sterling Silver Concho Belt

Nicely executed conchos mounted on a black leather belt.

Large Concho Belt

Sterling silver hammered concho belt. This classic piece is a work of art seldom seen.

Gold Plated Coin Silver

Authentic old coins that have been beautifully gold plated and then made into a conco belt.

Sterling Silver Very Heavy Belt

Sand cast by Al Goldstein; the jewish cowboy from New York this spectacular concho belt is not done any justice by this picture. Signed and dated by the artist.

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