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Holy Cow Batman!

Sterling silver "crosses" used to create this latest boot jewelry.

Gothic Imagery

Classic "cross" shapes in sterling silver.

Thatch Pattern Tooled Spur Strap

As seen above these are the pair you will need to sevcure your new spurs. Featuring hand tooling and sterling silver conchos, for the true cowboy or want to be.

Priced for the pair.

Spur Set Steel & Sterling Silver

These functioning spurs are mostly stainless steel; however on the dress side hand etched sterling silver covers the steel. Imported from Mexico.

Priced for the pair.

Sterling Silver Conchos

Gorgeous addition to your new boots. Handmade sterling silver conchos mounted onto hand tooled saddle leather that has been shaped as you can see.

Hand Tooled & Sterling Silver Conchos

Beautifully hand tooled black saddle leather with hand etched sterling silver conchos.

Suset Trails Sterling Silver Spur Set

Highly decorative classic western spur set. With tons of steling silver embelishments. Just like a saddle of old.

Sunset Trails Sterling Silver Spur Set

Featuring sterling silver handmade saddle ornaments. Take your boot to the stars with this collectors piece.

Sterling Silver Conchos & Turquoise

Notice the one turquoise stone at the back of the row of conchos. Also notice the sterling silver conchos are all different and handmade.

Turquoise & Sterling Silver

Taken from spurs; sterling silver and turquoise "conchos" in spur form.

Small Sterling Silver Conchos

White leather with delicate handmade sterling silver conchos. A perfect gift for the lady with new boots.

Highly Etched Sterling Silver Conchos

Finely detailed saddle adornments used here as a boot strap. Click on the image for a must see closer look.

City Spurs & No Horses

Sold as a pair. Large and small sterling silver clean conchos. There is one large concho on the instep and two at the sides.

Coin Silver Boot Strap

We use at Falconhead indian-head nickels for their old west imagery, often. Belts, etc. Here you can see a belt strap for your boots, great idea for the person with lots of boots.

Handmade Sterling Silver Conchos

The pattern of these sterling silver conchos is repeated. Hand hammered.

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