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Skulls by Jeff Deegan

Sterling skull cufflinks.

James Reed 18K Gold

Gold and sterling silver Janes Reed designed cufflinks.

18K Gold Stud Set

Arrowhead 18K gold stud set.

18K Gold Stud Set

Arrowheads point the way to a wonderful night.

14K Gold & Turquoise Stud Set & Cufflinks

A true art deco set of dress studs. Cut the figure you know you can with this gold and turquoise set.

James Reed 18K Gold & Diamond Stud Set

The ultimate pairing of luxury and style. James designed this wonderful set for the true connoisseur. Nothing has the spectacular appeal of diamonds and gold.

James Reed 18K Gold & Diamond Cufflinks

These cufflinks match the stud set below. Wonderful solid gold and diamonds compliment each other gorgeously.

James Reed 14K Gold & Garnet Etched Cufflinks

Hand etched sterling silver, 14K gold and garnet stone cufflinks. James Reed works out of Santa Fe, New Mexico thus the inspiration for this piece.

James Reed 18K Gold Cufflinks

Solid gold cufflinks by James Reed. Classically shaped.

18K Gold & Diamond Cufflinks & Stud Set

Art deco diamond and 18K gold stud set. Elegance personified. A formal dress set, for the true sophisticate.

18K Gold Onyx Cufflinks & Stud Set

Loosely shaped as arrowheads this gold, onyx, corral and pearl stud set will add that southwestern style to any formal occasion.

Sterling Silver & Corral Cufflink & Stud Set

True southwestern style and taste. There is nothing like the color of corral; especially when mounted onto sterling silver.

Malachite & 14K Gold Stud Set

The striations that make malachite special are self evident here. When paired with 14K gold, stunning becomes the word; and the man who wears this set.

14K Gold & Onyx Dress Set

Cats eye combination of 14K gold and oh so black onyx. This formal dress set exemplifies the strides we take at Falconhead to offer only the best.

14K Gold Stud Set By James Reed

A vintage truck was used for inspiratrion on this pair. Wait a minute! Are the headlights what I think they are? You bet ya'; diamonds! Oh and the truck is handmade from solid 14K gold.

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