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Mirrored Compact

Whoopie girl on the engraved cover of a mirrored compact. Pictured partly open and on it's edge.

Ponytail Holders

Sterling silver hair holders. Priced individually; $90/$55/$45.

She's Posing Just For You

Sterling silver matchbox cover. The lady flirts as you stike your stick; match stick I mean. Handmade and engraved heirloom piece.

Three Finger Cigar Case

A wonderfully executed sterling silver case with a smooth finish.

Sterling Silver Flask

When all you need is a nip. Warm your bones with this authentic mans accessory. Engravable.

Etched Cigar Tube

Sterling silver and 14K gold hand etched cigar tube. Handmade in California.

Victorian Cigar Case

Light sterling silver three cigar case. The case is hinged and features a clasp secure closure.

Cigar Pierce

Sterling silver pierce for those who use them a luxurious gift.

Guillotine Cigar Cutter

Beautifully hand etched sterling silver cutter. Both sides of this piece have been etched.

"Bic" Lighter Cover

Hand etched sterling silver lighter cover.

Hand Etched Cigarette Case

Sterling silver and 14K gold case. Each side of this case has been wonderfully etched.

Longhorn Matchbox Cover

Sterling silver hand etched matchbox cover.

10K Gold Zippo

Hand etched on all sides in 10K gold, light up in style and elegance.

Matchbox Cover

Beautifully hand etched and styled matchbox cover; featuring an 18K gold heart in the center. The rest of the cover is made of sterling silver.

Hop Along Going Wrong

A bronze cowboy that has seen better days adorns this sterling silver hand etched matchbox cover.

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