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Cognac Calf

With toe bug and top stitch.

Two Tone Tan

Nice and Soft. Wingtips, foxing, and 8 row stitch.

Regular Price: $900

RP# 9207

Chocolate nubuck

Choc nubuck with toe bug and tube stitch.

Regular Price: 900

RP# 3604

Old Scroll Tooling

Tooled Vamps matching tops.

Regular Price: $1435

RP# 27988

Turquoise Stingray

Stingray Vamps, natural mule tops, contrast stitching.

Regular Price:$900

RP# 11287

Buttercup Ostrich

Buttercup Full Quill Ostrich vamps,peanut tops.

Regular Price: $1160

RP# 10148

Navy Ostrich TB

Navy Full quill ostrich vamps with belly tops.

Regular Price: $1150.00

RP# 4559

Lucchese Handmades Chocolate Ostrich Belly RP#14019

Goat tubes on chocolate ostrich belly vamps.

Regular price: $705.00

Lucchese Handmades Black Cherry Lizard RP#21423

Ropers in black cherry lizard.

Regular price: $625.00

Lucchese Handmades Goat Ropers RP#21463

Black cherry goat ropers.

Regular price: $350.00

Lucchese Handmades Burgandy Elk RP#4512

Soft elk skin boots.

Regular price: $705.00

Lucchese Handmades Black Hippotamus RP#4566

Total boot in black heavily textured hippotamus.

Regular price: $1250.00

Boots are in an E width.

Lucchese Handmades Bone Ostrich RP#16320

Bone full quill ostrich and belly boots.

Regular price: $1175.00

These are all EE widths.

Lucchese Handmades Tan Nubuck RP#9574

Softer nubuck in a classic tan with olive green accents throughout.

Regular price: $725.00

Lucchese Handmades Black Ostrich RP#4557

Total boot in black ostrich. Full quill vamp and belly for the tubes.

Regular price: $1425.00

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