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Skull and Crossbones

Solid Sterling Silver, hammered texture, with Turquoise eyes. 2" buckle size.

The Turquoise Cross

Engraved silver with a beautiful turquoise stone in the middle. 1 1/2"

Totally Rectangular Dude. RP# 27390

Sterling silver hand engraved with sterling silver berries & beautiful rectangular turquoise stone. Classic Cowboys & Indians 1 1/2"

Turquoise Star

Hand engraved sterling silver with a inlaid turquoise star, show that someone special that they are your Shinning Star! Please call for current pricing.

Fossilized Mammoth Tusk Skull RP#26987

Sterling silver with turquoise inlays and a fossilized mammoth tusk skull inlay.

The Western El Grande

Featuring vintage cowboy imgery; such as Texas stars, bronco busters, longhorns. With a gorgeous turquoise center piece and a classic roped edge how can you go wrong.

Enlarge for an actual size blow-up.

Synth Stone by Horst RP#25514

"Turquoise" look stones in a four piece sterling silver 1" buckle set.

Turquoise by Horst RP#25513

Sterling silver four piece with turquoise 1" buckle set.

Bonnet by Peyote Bird RP#4277

Sterling silver four piece 3/4" buckle set featuring turquoise.

Bonnet by Charay RP#6601

Coral, onyx and turquiose on four pieces of a sterling silver 3/4" buckle set.

Spear Point by Chacon RP#10730

Four piece sterling silver and turquoise, sugilite 3/4" buckle set.

Flathead by Silver Hills RP#6712

Sterling silver and turquosie and malachite 3/4" four piece buckle set.

Apache Kingman New Fan by Al Somers RP#26061L

Turquosie and sterling silver four piece 1" buckle set.

Kingman New Fan by Al Somers RP#26061K

Sterling sivler four piece 1" buckle set.

Azurite New Fan by Al Somers RP#26438

Sterling silver four piece 1" buckle set.

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