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Cross Collection Purple 6031

Purple calf, with lots of cross inlays, crystals and sterling crosses in the heels.

New Look Shorty 6019

turqouise new look lots of stitching.

Crosses Collection Electra Blue 6010

Inlaid Crosses, crystals, sterling crosses on the heel counters.

Kids Love Turquoise Too!

Lovely turquoise kids boots - all leather!

The Denise #167

Like the Ruby but with turquoise stones and turquoise inlays.

Cognac w/turq cross 8111

cognac calf with new look blue inlay, and copper bezzels and turquoise studs.

Gotta love the studs. #71

Who wants leather wing-tips when you can have turquoise studs.

Studly Woman 2271

Peanut calf with copper and turquoise studs. Sweet!!

Naturally Tooled 2262

Ta Da! The new tooling pattern is here! On the Mag 7 heel and featuring turquoise spanish lacing, flat buck stitching and whip stitching.

Turquoise Stitch In Time 8087

Multi colored stitching as part of the "Stitch In Time" collection, consider this pair for the summer season. RP# 27185

Turquoise Mules In Crocodile 8066

Just like great turquoise jewelery, crocodile mules in the same jewel tone.


Aqua Marine Mules 8040

Part of the swamp sister collection. These have been done in aqua marine.


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