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Adobe by Silver Hills RP#6719

Coral and onyx four piece sterling silver 3/4" buckle set.

Randall Moore Lapis Cluster 41 Stones RP#11285

Sterling silver with 41 pieces of lapis in 22K gold setting, 1 1/2" four piece buckle set.

Alan Hykes Beads w/14K Gold Accents RP#4799

Four piece sterling silver and gold 3/4" buckle set.

Shovel by Yellow Horse RP#6497

Four piece sterling silver 3/4" featuring lapis and coral stones.

Dome by Yellow Horse RP#6497

Sterling sivler four piece 3/4" with lapis and coral.

Lapis by Mudd RP#14078

Four piece sterling sivler 1" buckle set with lapis stones.

Onyx Stones by Hassall RP#12140

Three piece sterling silver 1" buckle set with onyx stones throughout.

Sterling by James Ried RP#5204

Sterling sivler four piece 1" with a large lapis stone buckle set.

Lapis by Jackson RP#11242

Four piece lapis and sterling silver 1" buckle set.

Oval by Hassall RP#12890

Three piece sterling silver and 14K gold with amethyst stones 1" buckle set.

Lightening by Lehman RP#12785

Four piece sterling silver and lapis 3/4" handmade buckle set.

Onyx by Lehman RP#12788

Sterling silver four piece 3/4" buckle set with onyx.

Lapis by Lehman RP#12783

Sterling silver four piece 3/4" with lapis handmdade buckle set.

Empire State by Lehman RP#12784

Four piece sterling silver with jade and red coral 3/4" handmade buckle set.

Onyx by Hassall RP#12830

Sterling silver three piece and 14K gold with onyx stones 1" buckle set.

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