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The Texas Flag 8140

The mule for The Lone Star State!

Le mule 8139

New mule construction with inlays and braided piping. New Quadra heel.

RIP Captain America 8138

Show your colors!

Checkers anyone? 8137

Black and white roo.

Nevermind the bullocks 8136

Punks not dead. Black buffalo with hardware. Perfect for kicking through the shin.

Hippie Mule 8135

Taking you back to those times you can't quite remember but will never forget. Stingray.

Red Wings 8134

Black roo with red inlay wings.

You're a Star 8133

Black roo with light blue and silver inlay.

Wings 8132

Black roo with Bone inlay.

Angel 8131

Black mule with metallic inlays.

Just A Little Bit 8130

Cognac mules with just a little crossed lacing. Funky, with new quadra heel.

Vent It Out 8129

OVerlayed flowers with fillagree to keep your dogs fresh cool.

Pick Your Combo! 8128

Pick your color combo:

#1 Brown with Black Gator Wingtip
#2 Black with Brown Gator Wingtip

RPRO #'s: 27600 & 27550

Get Your Gold On! 8127

You deserve a little gold with your bronze!

RPRO # 28880

It's not stingray! 8126

It looks like stingray, but it's not! It is made of a soft durable cowhide, that has been drizzled with a little magic!

RPRO # 28888

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