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Applique 8034

Classic wingtip design on black suede. Perfect for your next dressy occcasion.

Scroll Tooling 6027

One of our open mules. Airy and cool. Tooled to perfection.


Small Cheetah Pattern 6026

Hair on cheetah pattern is executed beautifully on this pair of Scott Wayne originals.


Black Suede 6025

Cross stitching and braiding. Soft suede. These are still finished with kangaroo braiding.


Cutie Pies! 6024

The celebrated "Cutie Pie" collection. Sea green as an inlay color, burgandy wingtips, and there you are.


Embroidered, Black Calf 6022

Like a good rodeo. What you expect, but maybe someone does something unexpected.


Catch & Keep 6021

We at Falconhead usually "catch and release", however, these are for keeps. These are made from fish scales, yes, I'm serious.


Wait A Minute 6020

These are not the same mules as above because they don't have the contrasting piping. See, there is a difference. Natural suede, cross stitching.


Vents For Mules 6019

Chain stitching, venting all in black calf. Keep your cool in this open mule. Just remember to get a pedicure.


Light Green, Beaded 6018

Blossoms in bloom. The subtle tones of this pair of spring time inspired mules makes one smile.


Plain Jane Revisited 6017

Peanut colored, beautiful in their simplicity. The most wearable of all mules.


Silver 6016

Like a fine minted coin. These Falconhead, Tres Outlaw, Scott Wayne designed mules are not for the shy.


Plain Janes 6015

Soft, smooth, yet still well within the western wear umbrella. Dusty blue suede is the color of these babies.


Beaded Vines 6014

Brown mules with blunted toes and rich multi colored beads. Tres Outlaws and Scott wayne execute footwear beauty.


Bone Color, Peanut Brown Buck Stitching 6013

These mules are from a design we who know cowboy boots love. Buck stitching at the toe.


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