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Red Stingray 1073

Fire engine red, and an intricate stitch pattern. Another example of the handmade boots that await you at Falconhead. Sculpted, hand cut and hand lasted.

Classic Black Lizard 1063

White thread on the tubes brighten these boots. Teju lizard was used for the bottoms. This is the pair you wear most often. They go with anything.

Blue Buckaroos 1048

Very western. This collection comes in various colored tubes with either dark brown or black bottoms. Call us today at Falconhead. Also visit the "Boot Collections" section for a look at all of the syles.

Deep Dark Black & Tan Nubuck 1046

Boots to be worn. Great everyman and everyday classics from Falconhead. Vintage western toe stitching accents this pair.

Rebel With A Cause 1045

Just for fun, biker themed boots. Classic eagle logo in the spirit of freedom and bikes!

Richness In Chocolate, Elegance In Alligator 1044

Master boot makers at work here. Beautiful in there simplicity. Truly one of a kind. Elegant and classic yet rich and wonderful.

Black Hornback Alligator 1043

Ridges, ridges and more ridges. These are all about texture. It can take months to find the right and matching hides to make a pair like this.

Did Someone Say Chairman Of The Board 1041

Dress boots in full alligator, top to bottom. Look at the richness, the gorgeous tiles. Various hides have been perfectly selected to compliment each other. These boots are for the descriminating boot wearer only in us all.

Tooling Top To Bottom 1040

Mahogany coloring creates richness seldom seen in boot making. The relief that tooling gives cannot be equalled. One of the most beautiful boots from Tres Outlaws/Falconhead.

Black Lizard Old El Paso Inlays 1039

Black in brown. A little more than brown boots. Inlays have been used throughout this pair to make a statement; that being, wear boots and wear them often. Completely handmade in El Paso Texas, home of the handmade cowboy boot.

Red Snakes? Wait A Minute! 1038

Come on now. You know that Falconhead will not do the usual. We can't just give you green. Red, being a favourite color, Scott Wayne had to do'em. Python is the hide that was used for the bottoms.

Green Snakes? 1037

After we get through with them there are. Crimson on forest green snake. A great twist on a boot one may have seen before. Never like this though! Python skin used to make these.

Just A Pair Of Classic Boots 1036

Cognac colored lizard bottoms and pulls, darker leather for the tops. What could be more tempting. We feel that this is a great look at what our contribution to western wear is all about.

So Much Boot, So Little Space To Write 1035

I'll just list them; alligator toe, wingtips and heel counters. Hand lacing at the top edge and pulls. Buck stitching on the sides and on the vamp. Then alligator inlays on the tubes.

Denim Blue & I Want You 1034

No problem. Give us a call at Falconhead. Keep your unmentionables in the pockets and your feet happy in these babies. Once again accented with alligator in rust.

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