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Black Alligator 1148

From our best boots collection. Consider these for your next dressy occasion wih the richness of alligator allover. The ultimate boot from Tres Outlaws/Falconhead and Scott Wayne.

Black Cherry & Black Ostrich Belly 1147

Goat hide used for the tubes and ostrich belly for the rest. Classic ropers with the Falconhead twist meaning these were still made with a steel shank; unlike others on the market.

Black Ostrich Quill & Belly 1146

Ostrich top to bottom and head to toe. Extra texture from quill ostrich, then ostrich belly for the tubes.

Granpas In Black French Calf 1145

Butterfly stitch pattern on vintage inspired boots. Extra shiny french calf has been used to make this pair. See "Boot Collections" then "1890 Granpas" for more examples.

Cherry Hornback Alligator 1152

Phoenix stitch pattern here. Black cherry hornback alligator, ridged to perfection. These hides are expensive and must be hand choosen to ensure quality.

Chocolate Alligator 1151

Sport rust alligator bottoms. Rich and shiny gloriously textured and classically western. The easy way to own alligator boots, just the vamps are gator.

Grey John Wayne Style 1149

Medium grey colored boots. Styled after vintage boots from the old west. Featuring an "A" toe and a raised stitch pattern on the tubes.

Black Kangaroo Top To Bottom 1108

Kangaroo is one of the finest hides available. The softness and depth of color when tanned cannot be beat. This is another example of classic simple elegant boots from Falconhead.

Black Suede, Shark Heel & Toe 1107

Shark for texture and suede for softness. Notice the classic stitch pattern. A great combination don't you think?

Hornback Alligator 1153

Milk chocolate hornback alligator. Six different hides matched to perfection. Hornback hides used for their texture and incredible look.

Black Shiny Alligator 1155

Classic combination of shiny alligator and great western stitch pattern. Black on black.

Sport Rust Hornback Alligator 1154

Notice the matching of hides. Six different types of alligator tail were matched up to perfection. The coloring is a great rust.

Black Stingray 1077

Swim through your next encounter in these ocean/landlubber western classics. Hardwearing and long-lasting stingray.

Black French Calf 1076

Elegant stitch pattern. Simple boots. One boot to add to your collection with the intention of everyday use.

Wow! Tooling! 1074

Only expert craftsman can tool like this. Notice the buck stitching around the ankle. Everyday boot wearers can, however own a pair.

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